Bees in Danger

WOWga members and friends may be interested in attending a public meeting that Ealing Friends of the Earth are holding this week, entitled “Bees in Danger”:

Recently a staggering 72% drop in UK honey yields has been reported. Winter drought and summer rain have had a devastating effect on honeybees. However they aren’t the only ones to suffer: Britain’s 260-plus wild bee species are also having a rough time.

Bad weather’s not the only threat. Overuse of pesticides and loss of habitat also put bees at risk. We could do without honey, but could we do without the crops that are pollinated by bees? Honeybees and wild bees help to keep food on our plates, so we should be very concerned about what’s happening to these useful insects.

On Wednesday 21 November Ealing Friends of the Earth invite you to hear Rob Mitton of Royal Holloway College speaking about his research into the effects of pesticides on bumblebees. And Sarah Allan, Friends of the Earth, will be talking about the progress of the Bee Cause campaign.

The meeting is at 7.45pm in the Rock Room, St John’s Church, Broomfield Place, off Mattock Lane, West Ealing W13 9LA.

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