Doing the Radbourne Walk

Christina and Simon from the Ealing Dean Allotment Society came and talked to us at our February meeting last night about their exciting plans for the strip of land bordering their allotments.

Inspired by an article in the press, about a cobbled back-passageway being transformed into a garden, Christina began to look into the ownership of the unloved and unnamed path, running beside the Northfield Allotments, from Mattock Lane to Occupation Road, and whether it could be transformed into something similar.

After research in the Land Registry, Christina discovered that the path actually belongs to the allotments, and they’ve now named it Radbourne Walk, since according to historical maps, it forms part of an ancient stream which once ran from Castlebar Hill to the Thames at Brentford, and is now culverted behind the houses of Northfields Avenue, only partially visible in the school grounds opposite the top of Radbourne Avenue (although Simon informed us that you can hear it running below a man-hole on Northfields station platform!).

Simon is a self-taught expert on wild flowering plants, having collected seed and grown them for 20 years, and the plan is to transform Radbourne Walk into a trail full of wild flowers, and buzzing with insects. Simon plans to use local seed, some of which will be collected (with permission) from Perivale Wood, to build up a seed-bank of genuine local species.

This is a really great idea, which will turn a neglected and occasionally troublesome path into a haven for wildlife, and a spot of local interest.

Have a look at the full plans, and what they’ve achieved so far on the Society’s website: and why not get involved in their next work day on Saturday 1st March?

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